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iPowow is the leaders in Participation TV; a real-time platform that engages viewers and connects them with the content on the television screen. Using their second screen devices, viewers are able to interact directly with the main broadcast, commenting on the TV story and at times influencing the outcome. The iPowow platform provides a perfect opportunity for brands to connect directly with the consumer through sponsorship integration on both the main broadcast and second screen.

iPowow’s real-time metrics and detailed analytics measure viewing habits across the networks and shows, leveraging valuable information in terms of viewer demographics, as well as levels of participation and engagement within the broadcast. With viewer engagement levels averaging 12%, iPowow redirects the viewing experience back to the main broadcast, increases show ratings and generates a new revenue stream for sponsorship and network ad sales.

iPowow broadcast and brand partners include A&E Network; COMCAST; Channel 7 News; ESPN; Fox Sports; NBC Universal; Red Bull Media House; Reelz; Golf Channel; USA Network; Vodaphone, Quiksilver, and Yamaha.


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