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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Robin Arnott, CEO of Andromeda Entertainment (, discusses his work with the next wave of gaming and the ever-expanding world of entertainment technologies.

Andromeda Entertainment is the first publisher to serve the advancing interest in mindfulness and wellness with truly transformative content and amazing virtual entertainment experiences for users.

Arnott talks about his background as an audio engineer and game designer. Through working in games in the entertainment technologies space, he came to truly understand how games capture our minds perhaps better than anything else. It’s about practicing and being, and can really bring people into a specific environment. He talks about how games can play an important role in people’s introspective journeys, hitting deep states of consciousness. With video games, we can package practices that are good for us, in a fun, engaging, deeply involved game environment. Arnott explains that video games can become addictive, but most games can actually exercise parts of your mind, thus the benefits are there.

Arnott discusses how their games engage people on a somatic level, to move out of deeply held trauma, to approach self-actualization. As we learn, he states, we can really take advantage of this form in a positive way, elevating the gaming experience. Arnott talks about some of the games that are coming out soon, and their mental and physical benefits. Continuing, Arnott says they, as a company, are looking for original genius ideas; he is looking for creators who are engaged on a higher level. As a publisher, Arnott states that they often take on games that may be somewhat unusual, but offer transformative experiences. And Arnott discusses how game designers might draw from the mind/body connection to inspire their designs, to make a new kind of game for self-actualization and beyond.

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