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Why are T cells so vital to our immune response? As one of the primary markers of a potential issue, a problem with your T cells could spell disaster. Listen up to learn:

  • The function of a T cell
  • What T cells recognize
  • How T cell exhaustion can be reversed

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John Wherry, the Chair of the Department of Systems Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania, shares his research in epigenetics and the vital role of T cells in our immune system.

T cell differentiation is an essential process in our body, initially being able to control infection and limit tumor growth. However, if the process reaches T cell exhaustion, it can cause a variety of problems in our immune response.

While T cell exhaustion is similar to viruses and tumors, the response can be varied, even if slightly. Still, the reversal of T cell exhaustion has been shown to be effective and will only become more comprehensive as research progresses.

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