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Is there evidence of life continuing after death?

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Between anecdotes and the witnesses to the most unlikely of events, there may be more to the stories than you might have thought. Press play to learn:

  • What classifies an afterlife or near-death experience
  • The evidence that often shifts even the staunchest nonbelievers
  • What the evidence culminates in

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Piero Cavi-Parisetti, a speaker and author of 21 Days into the Afterlife, shares the stories that changed his mind and the evidence that has the potential to change others’.

There have long been stories and experiences in which someone thought to be dead experienced an out-of-body or afterlife phenomena. Still, it can take much more than these anecdotes to change the minds of those who have a disdain for the metaphysical.

Hopefully, by showing more concrete evidence, even those nonbelievers can be swayed. From memories being built and retained to the potential for personality to survive death, there is an entire world of evidence if one is open to exploring it.

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