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“The realm of the invisible and the ancestral realm opened up to me, and the fundamental principles of reality were suddenly obvious to me, just about the nature of reality itself and the big picture, and I felt more connected to source—whatever term you want to use, god, goddess, the great mystery—than I ever did in my years as a clergyman,” says Bruce Sanguin, who for 30 years practiced as a minister in a progressive church, preaching every Sunday and living life as a true clergyman before realizing that there was still something missing, some sort of personal unrest, something preventing him from expressing deep love. Separated from his life and duties as a clergyman, he didn’t hesitate to go when a friend invited him to an ayahuasca ceremony. Soon after, he found himself immersed in the world of psychedelic psychotherapy, undergoing at least a dozen sessions under the influence of MDMA and LSD, each session lasting four to five hours. “I was taken into dimensions and domains that ordinary consciousness doesn’t make available,” he says, explaining how it was in this space that he not only achieved a more profound gratitude for life than ever before, but also identified, and dismantled the core unconscious beliefs that were for so many years holding him back from being his truest and best self. Sanguin delivers an enlightening and inspiring message about overcoming past trauma, learning to love truly and deeply, finding peace, and practicing empathy.

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