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Frank Holmes, Interim Executive Chairman of HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.’s board of directors, provides an analysis of blockchain, bitcoin, and the future of finance. Holmes is a seasoned investor and financial strategist. Throughout his illustrious career, he has helmed many financial entities, and is currently the chief executive and chief investment officer at U.S. Global Investors, a forward-thinking mutual fund and asset management firm.

Holmes talks about his background in finance. As a young analyst, he transitioned into corporate finance and pushed forward until he took his first company public. He became well known in the gold funds market and eventually discovered bitcoin and that was the beginning of his passion for the new currency. His excitement over the processing of these transactions led him to launch a company in the space.

Holmes’ passion for emerging financial markets is perfectly matched to his current role directing the board of directors at HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd., and he is leading the company forward evidenced by their significant innovation in the market. HIVE is a growth-oriented, TSX.V-listed company that has built a bridge from the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets. HIVE’s team seeks to create significant long-term shareholder value. HIVE has formed a solid partnership with Genesis Mining Ltd. to create the next wave of blockchain infrastructure.

HIVE even owns the actual GPU-based digital currency mining facilities in Iceland and Sweden that produce these new digital currencies like Ethereum. Holmes discusses HIVE’s place in the market as a proxy, and he explains the interconnectedness of HIVE to the market, in terms of flow. He discusses the enthusiasm globally for blockchain, and he outlines the arrival of the JP Morgan coin that is backed by US dollars. Holmes goes on to explain regulations and speculation as they relate to investor interests. And he talks about the benefits of cash trades in the market and the future of emerging financial markets. Holmes discusses the mobile gaming industry and the astronomical revenue that is pushing that industry. Wrapping up, Holmes discusses volatility in the markets and how to steer in the right direction to financial stability as technology changes everything in our world.

Holmes is a regular keynote speaker at various international investment conferences and his popular “Frank Talk” CEO blog is one of the most read in the financial industry.

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