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Medtech Impact on Wellness

OpGen uses genomics and informatics to improve management of patient infections by detecting antibiotic-resistant microbes. Mr. Jones describes

  • How they do this by identifying the DNA of bacteria within hours rather than the days current tests take, and with more effective pathogen detection. 
  • Why this polymerase chain reaction test is able to be specific in recognizing the actual pathogen.
  • What medicine this technology is specially designed for such as urinary tract infection antibiotics.

If a patient comes to the hospital with urosepsis from ineffective treatment, they don’t have days to wait for information. OpGen’s  genomics testing and data from informatics will deliver accurate pathogen detection within hours, giving doctors the correct urinary tract infection antibiotics. 

Furthermore, the over use of antibiotics puts doctors in a difficult position of most likely under or over prescribing for patients when they won’t know for days exactly what pathogen their patient is facing. This doesn’t work for superinfections or broadly resistant pathogens. OpGen’s genomics testing gives caregivers answers within hours to help the correct course of treatment through effective pathogen detection.

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In addition to urinary tract infection antibiotics identification, they are also developing equivalent systems for respiratory tract infections.

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Mr. Jones expects this technology will be cleared for use in our medical system by the end of 2020.

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For more, see their website at and follow them on twitter: @OpGen

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