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In this episode, we chat with Richard M. Cruse, a professor in the Agronomy Department at Iowa State University and Director of the Iowa Water Center. Dr. Cruse has always been deeply fascinated with soil health and water quality, and his current research reflects this.

Presently, Dr. Cruse focuses his time on analyzing water-driven soil erosion rates. More specifically, he researches the ways that erosion is affected by rainfall, soil type, soil slope, and management.

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Click play to explore:

  • What healthy soil really looks like.
  • The factors that contribute to soil erosion.
  • The benefits of controlling water conditions in agricultural settings.

Want to learn about the intricacies of soil health and how it influences our environment? Join us now to learn from an expert at the forefront of this research!

You can find out more about Dr. Cruse by visiting

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