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Returning to the podcast is Alex Backer, Ph.D., a scientist, inventor, writer, speaker, and entrepreneur.

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He joins us to discuss his latest project based on cutting-edge drone technology: drisit.

Drisit is a platform that allows users to control a drone anywhere on earth using their phone or computer. This project aims to connect us in a global community that goes beyond the platform and gives us access to an abundance of live data – all at your fingertips

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Listen now to hear Alex talk about:

  • The many applications of this technology.
  • Effective ways to use drones.
  • The intricacies of drisit’s platform.
  • The importance of security on a platform like drisit.
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Are you interested in seeing the world through an innovative lens?

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Drisit is a fascinating way to start!

To learn more about drisit and its inventive approach to drone technology, visit!

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