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What does electron density look like at the subatomic level? How do chemists and physicists manage to study matter at this level? In this episode, we discuss these topics and more with returning guest Dr. Preston J. MacDougall, a Professor of Chemistry at Middle Tennessee State University.

Dr. MacDougall’s research surrounds theoretical chemistry – with a distinct focus on the development of quantum chemistry-based design tools for pharmacology and molecular electronics.

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How could his research influence the work of physicians and microbiologists around the world? Tune in now to find out…

Join the conversation to uncover:

  • What the subatomic level of molecules looks like.
  • What happens when two molecules form a bond.
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  • How Dr. MacDougall’s work can help researchers understand why molecules prefer to react in certain directions.
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Want to learn more about Dr. MacDougall and his work? Click here now!

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