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In this episode, we connect with Christos A. Makridis, a Research Assistant Professor at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. In addition to his work at Arizona State, Christos is a Digital Fellow at MIT IDE, a Non-resident Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, and a Non-resident Fellow at the Institute for Religious Studies at Baylor University.

Christos works closely with both the business and academic sectors. He is the CEO and co-founder of Dainami and the CTO and co-founder of Living Opera two startups at the  cutting edge of new technology. His academic interests are vast, centering around labor economics, the digital economy, and personal finance and well-being…

Join us now to learn about:

  • How to use data to tell a story and inform others.
  • The connection between remote work and job satisfaction. 
  • How religious freedom and property rights can contribute to human flourishing. 
  • What “hybrid work” is, and what makes it beneficial to employees.

You can find more on Christos and his work by visiting his website!

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