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Why is there still a massive diagnosis gap for endometriosis? Since pain has been normalized in many women, it is often overlooked.

Listen up to learn:

  • The likelihood of experiencing endometriosis
  • How endometriosis is similar to acne
  • What we need in the future of endometriosis treatment

Dr. Dan Martin, the EndoFound Scientific and Medical Director, discusses the root causes and developments in endometriosis treatment and diagnosis.

Despite the severity of symptoms and the negative impacts of endometriosis on emotional stability, it has long been ignored. For several reasons, many women struggling with endometriosis have been ignored or misdiagnosed for decades.

With the de-normalization of pain and advancements of treatment options, the diagnosis of endometriosis can happen much earlier. This accurate diagnosis is critical in adequately treating this often-debilitating condition.

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