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Why has so much misinformation spread surrounding endometriosis?

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While initially thought to be simply the cause of painful periods, the picture has become more transparent than ever before. Press play to learn:

  • Where endometriosis may appear
  • The average time it takes to get a proper endometriosis diagnosis
  • Alternative options to surgery 

Heather C. Guidone, BCPA and Surgical Program Director at the Center for Endometriosis Care, shares her work helping people find solutions that work with their endometriosis and educating researchers in the field.

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For years, the information surrounding endometriosis has been cloudy at best, and victims have struggled to find validation. Unfortunately, the thought to be cures of the past may have had very little efficacy in treating the condition.

While endometriosis has various effects based upon the sufferer, there is also a range of solutions and treatments becoming available to patients.

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However, it is essential to find a specialized provider to conduct the proper evaluations to find a treatment that may be most beneficial to the patient.

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