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Microbial sciences are experiencing a “gold rush of research,” says Seed co-founder and co-CEO Raja Dhir. He discusses how Seed is a part of that work with a multi-technology approach to all aspects of the microbiome, from gut health to coral reef protection. Listen and learn

  • How Seed’s biology research takes on microbial activity for the entire body, from the stomach to the scalp;
  • How they’ve expanded their research to environmental issues like coral microbiomes, plastic degradation, soil microbiomes, and even honeybee microbiomes;
  • How their products work to reach the center of our immune system without interference from stomach acid; and
  • Why their innovations make a difference compared to other techniques, such as their functionally redundant microbial consortia and precision delivery system.

Raja Dhir is a life science entrepreneur who helped co-found Seed along with Ara Katz. The company is a venture-backed microbiome group that’s pioneering the application of bacteria for both human and planetary health. Because he leads their R&D, academic collaborations, technology developments, and clinical trial design, he’s able to give listeners a relevant and precise look at why their products work and how their research strives to help planetary health as well. He explains how they maintain their high scientific bar as they develop compounds for a variety of issues, including skin and gut treatments. 

Unique among microbial science companies, Seed also researches environmental microbiome issues, including how to help coral reefs survive ocean acidification and ways to mitigate effects of neonicotinoids and pathogens on honey bees. Dhir also brings listeners on a deep dive into their techniques, explaining how they’ve achieved the 100% release of viable cells into the upper small intestines for their gut microbiome products, which allow the bacteria to be metabolically active.

He also helps listeners get a more vivid picture of how their synergistic and complimentary synbiotics work by carefully pairing appropriate prebiotics with probiotics. Listen in for more about this company’s fascinating approach to microbial science.

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