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Data is everywhere these days, and there are more ways than ever to collect it, from having our genomes sequenced for cheaper than ever before, to tracking our level and type of activity at all times of the day. But are we ultimately making the most of all this data, and are we even aware of the amount of data being collected on a daily basis? According to Bastian Tzovaras, head of research at Open Humans Foundation, there’s actually a lot more data being collected than we’re aware of, and we aren’t making the most of it. He joins the podcast to discuss how Open Humans Foundation is empowering people to get copies of their data from numerous sources for the purposes of their own growth and to power new kinds of research.

Tzovaras discusses the types of data they’re helping people collect, the importance of removing data from silos and aggregating it for the benefit of communities and society, how he’s made use of his own data through the Open Humans Foundation, new types of experiments that increased access to data is making possible, and the correlations that can be drawn by combining silos of data, such as the relationship between glucose levels and activity. Interested in learning more or joining Open Humans Foundation? Check out

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