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How has childhood stress potentially affected our everyday lives? While childhood is generally thought to be low-stress, it may have more of an impact than we think. Press play to learn:

  • How healthy responses can be damaging
  • Factors that contribute to a reduced stress response buffer
  • How stress response factors can be monitored

Dr. Byron Bhagwandin, the Co-Founder and CEO at Recalibrate Solutions, shares his work combatting toxic stress.

Stress responses are a normal part of life and can even be incredibly useful if danger is present. However, if the stress response system is not buffered in children, it can cause significant damage over time.

Using saliva cortisol tests as a monitoring tool, contributing factors may be measured, allowing a tailored treatment to be developed. In addition, with a focus on accessibility and affordability, these tools may be considered a solution for those who have long suffered from stress dysregulation.

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