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Are mushrooms the next big leap in consumables for human benefit and development?

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While they may not be for everyone, psychedelic mushroom consumption holds potentially promising results.

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Press play to learn:

  • What part of the mushroom is best to consume
  • The legality of the stages of mushroom development
  • The next steps in psychedelic mushroom research

As part of Gwella Mushrooms Inc, Daniel Sanders discusses his work developing a broadly available and beneficial medicinal mushroom product.

Mushrooms have long been known to provide significant benefits when consumed, from nootropic to nutritional. However, with growing support and availability, medicinal mushrooms are beginning to show benefits far beyond what we may have thought possible.

Using psychedelic mushrooms to aid in brain development and regulate emotional responses has previously been illegal and able to be studied. However, with new regulations, research has finally been allowed to progress, holding significant benefits for the progression of the field.

Search for more information on medicinal psychedelic research on pubmed.

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com to learn more.

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