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It can be difficult enough to manage our own diets – let alone the diet of our dogs. But what if there was a simple way to ensure our pups get the nutrition they need to thrive? Dr. Pete VanVranken, the founder of Voyager Dog Food Company, joins us to discuss the importance of feeding our dogs quality, safe food…

Dr. Pete brings over 49 years of veterinary experience to Voyager Dog Food Company. With a passion for pets, he started this venture with a primary goal: to provide safe and nutritious dog food to enhance their daily health and overall longevity.

In this episode, we explore:

  • What a dog’s complete and balanced diet should consist of.
  • Various ways that high-fat diets can impact your dog’s health.
  • The benefits of balancing your dog’s microbiome.

Voyager Dog Food Company offers recipes created by veterinarians, food scientists, and Ph.D. nutritionists. What sets them apart from other specialty dog food suppliers? Dive in now to see for yourself!

You can learn more about Dr. Pete and Voyager Dog Food Company by clicking here!

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