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Medtech Impact on Wellness

The Bioquark CEO provides an informative analysis of the study of biologic solutions to human health in the 21st century.

Bioquark, Inc. is a life sciences company that develops proprietary, combinatorial biologic products for health issues, including the repair and regeneration of organs and tissues, as well as for reversion of degenerative diseases. Pastor’s company looks to organisms in the natural world for clues to human diseases and conditions. Pastor’s team is particularly interested in the complex regeneration process of the salamander, and select worms that can amazingly revert cancerous cells back to normal tissue.

Bioquark’s mission is to find the connection point that will bring these complex health processes in line with the study of human health, for advances that could help fight disease or perhaps eradicate it.

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The life sciences company seeks to take bold steps forward in the areas of neurology (for central nervous system damage, Alzheimer’s, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord issues, etc.), cancer, and metabolic disorders (diabetes, and others).

Pastor will provide an overview of their study of localized cells and why it’s important to figure out the signaling and regenerative processes these cells use to grow new cells that are regionally specific. And he’ll explain how Bioquark’s work is furthering the historical study of the human egg, as the egg contains all the signals necessary to start its journey to become a human embryo. Ultimately, Pastor hopes to find ways to bridge the gap between what we know about organisms and their ability to regenerate tissue, and wound healing in humans. Finding the answers that lie within that gap may hold the key to startling advances in human health.

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