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Joining us today is Donny Greens, the Founder of Finest Foods. Finest Foods is a business that provides microgreens to consumers in order to improve the local community’s health and sustainability.

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On top of his work with Finest Foods, Donny has a Youtube channel called “Donny Greens”. Here he teaches others how to grow their own microgreens businesses with insightful tips, tricks, and advice to help them succeed.

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From crop planning to customer management, Donny is dedicated to streamlining microgreens businesses across the globe…

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Click play to hear Donny discuss:

  • What microgreens are, and how they offer potent health benefits.
  • How microgreens are grown and harvested, and what customers use them for.
  • The pressures that come with running a food business.
  • Donny’s goals and aspirations moving forward.
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Click here to connect with Donny’s work for yourself!

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