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Kevin Boyd, DDS, MS, discusses his innovative medical theory known as Darwinian Dentistry. Dr. Boyd’s theory and hypothesis is based on the study of prehistoric fossil remains of human ancestors and could offer much information about the past, and future, of children’s health care. Dr. Boyd is a board-certified pediatric dentist with over two decades of experience.

Dr. Boyd explains the history of evolutionary medicine, commenting on some of the early pioneers of medicine who looked at modern diseases that seemed to be a function of cultural industrialization. Dr. Boyd discusses pathogens and causes, and focuses on how people adapt over geological time to gradually changing environments, and he discusses how it all impacts the genome. He cites examples of mammals that experience illnesses and survive to live another day, within the context of evolutionary fitness. Continuing, Dr. Boyd discusses tooth decay and why we now need orthodontists, considering the history and the time chronology, meaning when that first entered the human condition. He explains how he adapted the model of evolutionary medicine specifically to evolutionary oral medicine, or Darwinian Dentistry, aligning his theories with his 20 years of expertise as a dentist.

Dr. Boyd discusses his work in pediatric dentistry, talking about orthodontics, and the management of anxiety in kids. Early oral evaluation, beginning at or around the ages of 3 or 4 is recommended, he states. Around this age, thumb sucking, pacifiers, or other oral habits can greatly influence the shape of a child's jaw, teeth, and even face.

The doctor explains the merits of early orthodontics, widening the jaw and airway, etc., and how there is clear evidence of kids doing better in school, ending their bed wetting, and experiencing many behavioral improvements, after orthodontic procedures. He provides further information on the many problems that can be created and caused by crowding of
the airway, and how early orthodontic procedures can facilitate and improve potential problems.

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