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Just a few years ago, a large law firm by the name of Dentons realized the coming changes that an overlap between technology and law might create, and wanted to get ahead of the game. As a result, Dentons created Nextlaw Labs with the vision of reinventing the practice of law using technology. As a subsidiary of Nextlaw Labs, Nextlaw Ventures emerged, which is an early-stage, legal-focused venture fund that invests in a variety of legal tech companies.

As the CEO and Managing Director of Nextlaw Ventures, Dan Jansen discusses just a few of the 10 legal tech companies currently in their fund, including ROSS Intelligence, which is an expert legal, research-driven tool that leverages AI to answer legal questions and create legal memos. Jansen believes that this technology will have a democratizing effect on the practice of law by allowing small firms to find the answers to complex questions that, otherwise, only larger firms might have the ability to answer.

Tune in to hear the full discussion, and visit to read about all 10 companies in Nextlaw Venture’s portfolio.

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