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Cygnus Investments primarily focuses on projects in the telecommunications, oil, financial services, energy, and music industries, and currently has two projects related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The first is a book titled “Cryptocurrency for Teens,” a glossary of frequently used terms in the crypto and blockchain spaces that is geared towards youth, teenagers, and college students.

Dr. Mansour’s goal is to get this book in the hands of as many students as possible, believing that cryptocurrency and blockchain have the ability to create a significant number of jobs for today’s students. An educator, Dr. Mansour believes that students of all ages are able to understand the dynamics of this space, and will come up with use cases that the rest of us have never thought of.

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Cygnus Investments is also working with a popular rap artist to launch his own cryptocurrency, which will be used to fund a wide array of his products, including clothing, music, food, and more. Ultimately, they hope that this move will allow everyone to get involved in this space, and show people what can be accomplished when you never give up.

Ali welcomes questions and discussions by email at paatjam@gmail.

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com, or by phone at 281-203-2906.

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