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One of today’s biggest problems with the threat intelligence market, which encompasses companies such as McAfee, Symantec, and others involved in keeping computer viruses and malware at bay, is the cyclical nature of the market–a newcomer arrives and innovates with a new idea, then relaxes, and another newcomer must come in to keep innovation alive.

PolySwarm hopes to change this by creating a decentralized marketplace that rewards security experts, end-users, and ambassadors like McAfee and Symantec with Nectar tokens when they correctly help to predict and determine whether potential malware is actually a threat.

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Providing this economic incentive will help to tighten that cyclical loop, as well as encourage experts to continually be improving their skills and anti-malware machines.

PolySwarm is currently running a malware bounty contest, awarding up to 0k in Nectar tokens for users to upload suspect files that their malware detection program can read as malicious, with higher amounts of tokens being awarded for more unique malware strains.

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They hope to release a full version of their marketplace by the end of the year.

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