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Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Ecology of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), discusses his work in conservation efforts worldwide, and the quest for solutions to environmental problems.

Dr. Ceballos holds a degree in Biology from the Metropolitan Autonomous University Campus Izatalapa, Mexico. He received his master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Wales, working under the close supervision of the well known ecologist, John. L. Harper. And Dr. Ceballos earned a PhD in Ecology from the University of Arizona, working with Dr. James H. Brown. Additionally, Dr. Ceballos has been on sabbatical at the prestigious, Stanford University working in close collaboration with Professor Paul R.

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Ehrlich, one of the preeminent ecologists of our time.

Dr. Ceballos’s extensive, important research program addresses the conservation of species and ecosystems, and the connection between conservation and development.

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Dr. Ceballos discusses his current projects dealing with conservation and extinction crises. He talks about habitat requirements of endangered species and their work to set aside protected areas. As he explains, he and his contemporaries are working to push public policy to do more for conservation. Dr. Ceballos outlines the importance of the Amazon forests due to their incredible diversity of species, many of which are endangered or about to become endangered. He explains how they look at the problems and challenges to develop solutions to maximize their conservation efforts. As species become extinct, human activity is certainly a factor, he states.

The type C conservation researcher talks in detail about the general consensus between various governments regarding what needs to be done to preserve species, and to make global actions to curb the extinction crises and climate change. Unfortunately, many governments are not doing what they need to do; they do not seem to understand the severity of these global crises. Wrapping up, Dr. Ceballos discusses ocean conservation, and some of the recent reports that talk about the toxification of water, soil, and air, and what he and his colleagues are trying to do to persuade nations to do more, and now.

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