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CoinPayments offers its users a wide range of payment processing abilities for over 75 different cryptocurrencies, including an online multi-coin wallet, merchant tools and a simple point-of-sale interface, automatic coin conversion, the ability to buy, sell, and trade coins, and more.

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It’s easy to get started–just create an account, download the plugins you need, and you’re on your way–and users have the ability to fully customize their accounts. All of their financial tools are designed to simplify entry into the crypto market for people who are not tech-savvy, and they currently have over half a million customers in 192 countries.

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There is a monthly Coin Vote, which allows users to replace the lowest-performing coins with 2-3 new ones. New coins have 90 days to prove themselves. It costs per vote, and all that money is donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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CoinPayments is getting ready for some exciting new milestones over the next year, including a new version of their platform, adding portfolio management tools, laying the foundation for their own exchange, mining capabilities, and more.

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