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Fundcru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that will be a cross between GoFundMe and Groupon. Users are able to create campaigns and then fundraise through three different methods — traditional fundraising where individuals donate directly to a cause, through cryptocurrency, and through an e-commerce platform.

In this way, visitors are able to purchase discounted goods, similar to Groupon, with 25% of the gross price going directly to fund campaigns, without having to be asked directly to donate to someone. Merchants already do this with Groupon, but this method solves the problem of customer retention, by helping businesses find customers who are more likely to return, even after the deal is over.

Fundcru will also offer real-time analytics for campaigns, to let their creators see how they are doing. The beta will be launched at the beginning of 2018, with the full site coming a few months after. Due to Fundcru’s hard work, they will already have a high number of campaigns to choose from.

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