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Having had a 20-year career as a US Navy Seal, Chuck McGraw brings invaluable qualities and insights to his role as Chief of Operations at TLDR Capital, a company that focuses on advisory services in the blockchain industry and fields of cyber and physical security. While managing the day-to-day operations carried out by the globally distributed and decentralized team at TLDR Capital, McGraw focuses on identifying and implementing procedures and processes that are agile and resilient enough to withstand an ever-changing external environment, which is something that his training as a Navy Seal well-equipped him to do.

Decentralization is a concept that’s increasingly being applied to real-world operations, but what does it really mean?

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What’s the difference between a team in the traditional sense and a decentralized team, and what are the benefits of the latter?

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McGraw explains it with a simple phrase: “centralized planning, decentralized execution.

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” While centralized planning involves all members of a team coming together to develop a plan under a shared understanding of the vision, mission, and objectives of the company, decentralized execution involves allowing individual members of a team the authority to make autonomous decisions in order to carry out that plan.

Among other topics, McGraw discusses the problems that hinder corporate growth and the productivity of decentralized teams and lends advice to entrepreneurs looking to form their own companies. Tune in for the full conversation, reach out to McGraw through his LinkedIn page, and visit to learn more.

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