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There are at least two main challenges facing entrepreneurs today: finding a solution to a problem in the world that has not yet been effectively addressed, and obtaining the money and know-how to actually build a company based off of that solution.

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According to Lyron Bentovim, the second challenge stymies the creativity and innovative thinking that the first challenge requires, and as the CEO of The Glimpse Group, he’s working to change that.

The Glimpse Group is a platform company currently hosting 10 fully-owned startups that have the same or similar goals, the same level of technological understanding, and a shared desire to work collaboratively in developing augmented reality and virtual reality products.

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While creativity and innovation flow freely in this environment, the team at The Glimpse Group takes care of everything else–from the operational and business development aspects of building a company, to capital raising and management–so that the focus on building and taking products to the market remains unhindered.

This is something that’s never been done before, and it’s taking off incredibly well.

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Tune in for all the details, including what exactly The Glimpse Group looks for in taking on new startups, visit to learn more, and reach out to Bentovim at

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