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“A lot of ICOs make it so you have to use their token to transact on their platform, but that creates these silos of utility…

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and you have to exchange tokens to go through these platforms. At Open, we’re making it so you can use any cryptocurrency to purchase something, and that’s powerful because you need to show people that every cryptocurrency is an asset you can purchase with,” says Chase Smith, who is the founder and lead architect at Open Platform.

Open Platform is an ICO that differs from most in that it’s “blockchain agnostic,” meaning it doesn’t depend on any blockchain.

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Instead, it’s using infrastructure that already exists to facilitate the mainstream adoption of blockchain payments. Smith explains that this will incentivize the mainstream public and mainstream developers to enter the blockchain and crypto space.

To learn more, watch Smith’s regularly posted webinars or engage in more technical discussions, check out Open Platform’s telegram and discord channel.


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