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Medtech Impact on Wellness

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Patrick Flynn, a Chiropractor, and founder of The Wellness Way.

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In addition to his work as a medical professional, Dr. Flynn authored the internationally bestselling book, I DISAGREE: How These Two Words are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health. With over 23 years of medical experience, Dr. Flynn has devoted much of his effort to educating people about their health and wellness.

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Listen now to learn about:

  • What led Dr. Flynn to pursue this professional path.
  • The “two forms of doctoring”.
  • The importance of shifting your approach to your health.
  • The ever-changing dynamics of the human body, and how diet affects it.

What can we gain from taking a new approach to healthcare and doctoring?

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Tune in now to find out!

You can engage with Dr. Flynn and his work by visiting and

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