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Brad Templeton, Chairman Emeritus of the EFF (electronic frontier foundation), (and other accolades and activities too numerous to mention) talks about where Autonomous Cars can really take us.

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He explains how engineers can empower the electric car, save the planet as well as millions of lives using near-term Artificial Intelligence to make cars and trucks deliver, park, recharge and drive themselves.

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The technology behind this is fascinating, but even more interesting are other questions that surround the robot car future. Brad talks in detail about what self driving cars can and cannot do, how we deal with the social and legal barriers and how autonomous cars will change energy, pollution, cities, transit, war, work, real estate and manufacturing — and yes, cars themselves.

Brad also share some striking possibilities like saving 50 billion hours of people’s time with self-driving cars in US alone and a serious reduction in the urban land devoted to the 600 million parking spaces.

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With Autonomous Cars, there’s a lot we can achieve but there are a lot of hidden threats associated to this technology.

3D printing will fundamentally alter the way people manufacture, consume, and produce everything.

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