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ABRA is poised to be the world’s first, currency-agnostic, digital, global wallet that lives on your smartphone. ABRA allows you to send money to any smartphone instantly, securely and privately – without needing a bank account – without paying Western Union or other middlemen exorbitant fees – without having to go to your bank, withdraw cash, then go to a money sender such as Western Union, without requiring the recipient to travel to pick up the money, and without 99% of the hassle.

Note: ABRA a is currently available in US and Philippines only., but is poised to roll out globally in the future.

The Abra smartphone app is a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet that lets you see the value of your funds in the currency of your choice (usually your home currency). You can choose how you want to deposit & the recipient can choose how they would like to withdraw, send, or spend the money. Abra uses peer to peer technology which means your money goes straight from you to your recipient, eliminating the middleman completely. Sending and receiving money costs very little. If you use your bank account, it’s free to add & withdraw funds.

If you want to become a digital teller for ABRA, you can earn fees from transactions you help process. If you are a small business, you’ll want to start accepting ABRA as an additional form of payment as well.

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