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As the Blockchain space has grown, it’s started to be noticed by national governments.

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There’s more money at stake than ever before. More people involved. Is the Blockchain a state-level concern? More specifically, Should cryptocurrencies like BitCoin be regulated? For some yes; for others, no; and from this, the debates begin. For the Canadian government, the question is whether or not to introduce a general, 5% sales tax into the sale of BitCoin.

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And this is where the Blockchain Association of Canada (BAC) comes in.

The BAC is a non-profit interfacing between government and heads of industry to showcase the potential of Blockchain technology, including—and especially—BitCoin. BAC Executive Director Kyle Kemper explains: “It’s really important that companies can focus on building and know that they have some representation at the industry level.” The BAC lobbies for the interests of Blockchain companies as a whole, pushing an industry-wide agenda with Canadian policymakers and officials.

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Hit play to hear more about Kyle Kemper and his work in the BAC. Subscribe, review, and if you can, donate some BitCoin to the cause. Every little bit helps us continue producing and sharing content with listeners like you.

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