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BioConnect is a biometrics security company with a different idea–that your identity is comprised of your unique biometric data. They believe that all individuals should be able to prove their unique identity through biometric data including their face, voice, and fingerprints, and use this to access their bank accounts and other secured information, phones, and more.

To accomplish this, BioConnect works with large enterprise corporations to allow their clients to access their information using biometric security features.

Individuals have the ability to use a variety of different biometric data to secure different data and actions, because security is contexual–for example, you may only want to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone, but you might want to require the verification of face and voice in order to transfer large sums of money out of your bank accounts.

Though BioConnect already has thousands of clients worldwide, they see their technology becoming more important, as all smartphones will have biometric capabilities by 2020. This technology has direct implications and applications for cryptospace, and the upcoming launch of a developers portal will enable individuals to apply this technology to more use cases in the future.

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