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Is hustle and hope really enough to make it big in the modern world of online finance? Jeff Rose, Youtube’s Wealth Hacker and Founder of the finance blog Good Financial Cents shares how he went from cold calling and holding underwhelming local finance planning and analysis seminars to creating one of the most popular financial advice blogs on the internet.

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Jeff’s down to earth approach to finance and willingness to use his own mistakes as a teaching tool has made him a crowd favorite on YouTube. Wealth Hacker offers how-to videos on financial topics like how to create passive income streams, how to invest your first $100, and how to turn $500 into $520,367. His blog, Good Financial Cents, has been featured on Fox Business, ABC News, CNN Money, CNBC, and more.

Weighing in on the recent GameStop stock market debacle, modern investment management, and life as a financial planner, Jeff gives his honest opinion on what it really takes to get rich in today’s economy. After providing free content for years and finally taking part in an exclusive coaching program for entrepreneurs, Jeff has launched Good Financial Cent’s latest online finance course. This course is all about how to set (and actually reach) accelerated financial goals.

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