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What can we learn about our mental health from rats? Since our brains are similar, the answer may surprise you. Listen up to discover:

  • The difference between fear and anxiety
  • The pathways to anxiety and fear
  • What a panic attack actually signals

Catherine Pittman, an author and Professor of Psychology at St. Mary’s College, shares her career developing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques dealing with fear and anxiety.

By looking at how our brain may be similar to a rat’s, we can begin to understand our fear responses and the effects they have. However, since it still triggers the amygdala, it can be challenging to control your body’s response to stimuli.

Since the cortex and amygdala are two of the important response centers in anxiety disorders, we must attempt to change how they learn. By presenting stimuli in a controlled setting with the help of cognitive behavioral therapies, relief can be brought to those who struggle with anxiety-based disorders.

To learn more, check out the book, Rewire Your Anxious Brain by Catherine Pittman.

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