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Unexplained and profound fatigue, a general feeling of achiness in the muscles, higher perceptions of pain to touch and pressure, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, poor sleep, never feeling rested, gut issues…the list could go on.

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These are many of the symptoms experienced by those who have fibromyalgia, a condition that for much of its history in the world of conventional medicine has been poorly understood, misdiagnosed, untreated, or altogether dismissed as unreal. But for those who deal with these symptoms on a daily basis, it is very much real and can make life next to unbearable. Dr. David Brady didn’t learn much about the condition during medical school, and what he did learn proved to be incorrect or overshadowed by doubt in the legitimacy of the condition. But as he continued to see patients who presented with the same or similar collections of signs, he was compelled to take a deeper look into how the condition should be characterized, understood, and treated.

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As the author of The Fibro Fix: Get to the Root of Your Fibromyalgia and Start Reversing Your Chronic Pain and Fatigue in 21 Days, Dr. Brady has developed a toolbox of treatments and methods to address the needs and alleviate the symptoms of his patients, and the very last tool he ever uses is often the immediate go-to in conventional medicine: pharmaceuticals, which are not designed specifically for fibromyalgia, but merely repurposed and relabeled drugs used for other conditions, such as depression or epilepsy. Not only are these drugs largely ineffective, but linked to countless side effects.

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Dr. Brady discusses how he approaches the assessment of patients who may have fibromyalgia, the elimination process that leads him to feel confident in his diagnoses, and the alternative approaches he takes to the treatment of the condition, which includes heart rate variability exercises, improving quality of sleep, naturally increasing the levels of serotonin in the body, using herbal medicines that calm the central nervous system, making dietary changes, and implementing meditative and other relaxation practices in the daily routines of his patients.

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