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Imagine sitting down at your desk, putting on your VR headset, and pulling up an application that transports you to a different world- one where you can interact with people from across the globe as if they were standing right beside you. Sit down for a board game with your grandmother from overseas, or wander your way through a social event, entering and exiting conversations as you would in reality. “When you have someone from the U.S. standing next to someone from Brazil, standing next to someone from Saudi Arabia, you get some really fascinating conversations out of it,” says Gavan Whilhite, founder of AltSpace VR. Whilhite proposes a virtual reality platform for communication that uniquely applies positional audio and 3-dimensional emphasis to enhance the “human” aspect of human interaction. Tune in to learn more.

Whilhite also discusses:

  • The features and applications of AltSpace VR, including the use of holograms and social tools
  • What the future holds for the AltSpace VR project
  • How anyone can access AltSpace VR and start using it today

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