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As both the size and number of Blockchains grow, so too does the demand for access to their information.

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CEO and lead developer at Blockchair.

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com, Nikita Zhavoronkov, refers to his newly launched search and analytics engine as a sort of “Google for Blockchains.” Blockchair allows its users to search for transactions in the Bitcoin Blockchain by more than 60 different criteria, which is a level of functionality that-until now- has been unattainable for chain explorers. Zhavoronkov’s product offers something else that its competitors do not: speed. Rather than using a single database, Blockchair utilizes a compound of databases, thereby enhancing the speed with which searches and analyses are performed. Among other things, Zhavoronkov is closing in on plans to expand the applicability of Blockchair to the cryptocurrency of Ethereum.

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Tune in to hear more.

Zhavoronkov also discusses:

  • How Blockchair can be used to combat fraud and scams
  • A brief overview of his stance on the scaling debate, including how and why it is necessary to scale Bitcoin
  • The future plans and goals for the development of Blockchair


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