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Retinad VR is a company that was born out of a major problem that emerged in the VR industry about four years ago: the inability to measure and understand user interactions, sentiments, and behavior. Alexander Haque, CEO of Retinad, and Maryam Saboor who works as a strategic consultant for Retinad join the podcast today to discuss the acquisition of novel metrics, such as head, hand, and eye movements that produce what’s called a kinematic fingerprint.

With over 10 million VR headsets in use, the amount of data uptake has phenomenal potential but is too voluminous and messy to be useful unless it can be organized and analyzed in a way that makes sense–and that’s where Saboor’s strategies come into play. So, what insights has the team at Retinad gained so far? To put it simply, part of what they’re learning is what differentiates a good versus a bad user experience with VR. Contrary to the belief that a 360° scene should be enough to engage a user, the team at Retinad has learned that what a user really needs is something that’s not visual at all: audio.

Hitting users with an audio queue within the first five seconds of a VR experience encouraged them to move around and increased completion of the VR experience by 80%. This is just one of several surprising findings and interesting topics discussed, so tune in for the full conversation. To learn more, visit

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