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Evolve Capital Partners is a boutique investment bank that focuses on assisting institutional capital and entrepreneurial-backed companies in the financial technology space. Among other services, Evolve Capital Partners performs M&A transactions, private placements and capital raises for its clients.

One of the most distinctive and beneficial aspects of Evolve Capital Partners is its location: situated in the middle of Midtown, New York, Evolve Capital Partners is able to offer its clients access to large financial institutions and information in a way that no other company can.

When asked to describe his ideal client, Alex Koles, CEO, founder and managing director of Evolve Capital Partners, introduces Alt Lending, a cutting-edge company in the blockchain and crypto lending space. Gennadiy Gurevich, CIO & Co-founder, and Young Cho, CFO, from Alt Lending discuss the creation, development and future plans for the company.

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