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Joining us today to discuss her research on microplastics is Dr. Gabriela Kalčíková, an Associate Professor at the University of Ljubljana. With a background in chemistry and waste management, Dr. Kalčíková uses her expertise to investigate freshwater microplastics, their interaction with floating plants, and the development of new strategies to remove microplastics from freshwater.

Dr. Kalčíková wants to reframe our approach to waste management. As the head of the Planterastics Lab, Dr. Kalčíková works closely with other researchers at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology to come up with sustainable solutions to the microplastics crisis…

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • The dangerous components that often exist in landfills.
  • Where microplastics tend to collect in freshwater systems. 
  • How certain requirements can impact how microplastic removal technology in wastewater is done. 
  • How microplastic particles can affect plant health. 

To learn more about Dr. Kalčíková and her research, click here now!

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