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For ages, I’ve been saying there’s a moat, or a chasm, between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. There are just some things you can’t do with crypto yet. Now, though, that’s beginning to change. Now, with A.I. Coin, you can invest with crypto.

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Gavin Smith of A.I. Coin explains: “We allow people to trade stocks, trade futures, trade for an exchange using their cryptocurrency as collateral to make investments and trades.

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The thing is, we’re still crossing that chasm: there are all sorts of real-world challenges with cryptocurrency trading that have never been faced before.

Challenges unlike those of more regular, established markets—like gold, or fiat.
Tune in to learn more about A.I. Coin from Gavin Smith. Subscribe, review, and if you can, donate some BitCoin to the show. Every little bit helps as we continue to produce and share more content with listeners like you.

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