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If you’ve been thinking about getting into cryptocurrency or are new to it, this podcast is for you.

Chris Kitze, CEO of FlashCoin, a private blockchain platform for both application development and incentive based consumer marketing. Kitze describes that, despite the importance of Bitcoin to the marketplace, it has flaws that have allowed competitors such as FlashCoin to gain footholds in the industry.

In other words, in many respects, such as buying other forms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is irreplaceable; yet, Bitcoin is also slow and incurs too many fees that make small transactions impractical. Kitze believes that Flash, the unit of exchange, offers a better solution. He also explains the type of governance model on which the Flash philosophy is based and the most important challenge to overcome.

He also touches on the prospects of a future gold-backed cryptocoin as well as those of a U.S.-based exchange and why there isn’t one now.

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He also explains whether or not Donald Trump as President is beneficial to the industry.

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He shares his predictions for Bitcoin, FlashCoin, and the cryptocurrency market overall for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018.

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If Bitcoins interest you, you’ll want to hear Kitze’s predictions for its future worth (hint: the current $2000 or so for one coin is a pittance). Finally, he reveals the best way to keep abreast of all the action in cryptocurrencies.

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • Why Kitze believes that the current state of the industry “is a replay of the dot-com boom” and what the consequences could be
  • The five specific advantages of FlashCoin over Bitcoin and why the model being built is considered an eBay-type over-the-counter digital trading platform
  • That now is a perfect time for software developers to get in and the three things that his and other cryptocurrency companies are looking for in developers

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