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Lucy Beard, founder of, talks 3D printed shoes, for both men and women. This is a fun, fascinating, and applicable interview (if you possess a pair of feet, that is) to everyone on planet Earth. Lucy says, at Feetz, you aren’t size X, you are size YOU…

…and Feetz’ 3D printed sneakers / shoes are likely to fit you better and more closely and comfortably than any shoe you’ve ever worn previously in your life.

Feetz’ app requires 3 quick pictures of your feet to create a custom, 3D model that, when sent to Feetz, creates a pair of custom 3D-printed shoes you’re going to love.

Lucy discusses strange-shaped toes, wide feet, people with one foot bigger than the other, and why 20% of the world’s population suffers from shoes that don’t fit them nearly as well as they could.

You are going to love this interview, as I did. Listen, review, and share this podcast.


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