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Inspired by nature, and made necessary by the city of Austin, Texas’ struggle to reach their zero-waste goal, Zero Waste applies bio-mimicry ideas in order to reach a more sustainable, zero-waste future. In order to make their zero-waste goals on time, the city needed a way to manage their solid waste assets, and a network of businesses and projects was created.

Zero Waste performs trash analysis for interested businesses by gathering data for one month on dumpster usage. After the data is collected, Zero Waste helps businesses find the correct dumpster size for their business, and arranges for the dumpster to be emptied only when it is full, as collecting trash whether or not the dumpster is full is one of the biggest inefficiencies in the solid waste industry.

Businesses save money on their trash collection costs, become more aware of the types of trash that they produce, and will reward correct behavior with tokens. Zero Waste has a year of exciting partnerships coming up, leading to what they believe will be wide-scale adoption before the year is over.

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