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Craig Buntin, a three-time Canadian figure skating champion and Olympic athlete, co-founded SPORTLOGiQ ( with Mehrsan Javan, an expert in machine learning and computer vision who holds a PhD in the field. Through Buntin’s vast experience and many years on the ice, he came to a realization that there was a dire need for advanced analytics in sports, and that access to more extensive powerful data would be invaluable.

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Teaming with the PhD, Javan, the sports-minded tech enthusiasts set out to change the way coaches, players, and viewers interpret and synthesize games.

SPORTLOGiQ’s analytics product has tremendous value for teams who want to be more successful and dominant, for media outlets that want to provide their viewers with more intensive data and information, and for the rapidly growing sports betting industry.

SPORTLOGiQ’s technology product combines computer vision and advanced machine learning algorithms to log, analyze, and interpret data based on the movements of a team’s players.

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From broadcast sports feeds, SPORTLOGiQ can analyze intricate details of a player’s performance, in any sport—shots, passes, movements, and possessions.

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Buntin states that their proprietary analytics technology captures 158,000,000 data points per individual game that is then converted into actionable data. SPORTLOGiQ’s dashboard will provide specific information on not only raw data, but it can provide variant types of precise analysis of that data. For example, in regard to hockey, they can analyze 573 types of plays across 4000 individual actions in a game.

Buntin explains how his analytics can decipher the wealth of data and determine ‘how’ a player plays a game in terms of passing, performance, scoring, etc. If a player passes, when are they passing, do they pass only under pressure, etc., these are just a few of the myriad of specific data interpretations their product can provide. Essentially, SPORTLOGiQ’s data can give coaches a real-time understanding of player matchups, which allows them to be more informed and helps them to confirm the strategies they set out to use to win the game.

In regard to sports betting, Buntin discusses the amazing predictive skills that their analytics package can deliver with up to 70% success rates! And with the sports betting industry growing exponentially, and becoming legal in multiple states, Buntin’s analytics could greatly enhance any sports betting enthusiast’s experience. And Buntin explains how micro betting will become more prevalent in the coming years, with betters placing bets on individual players in individual plays.

As the AI and algorithms continue to improve, SPORTLOGiQ’s data analysis is becoming a ‘must-have’ tool in the coaching toolbox. Buntin provides information on the success track records of teams who have used his data analysis and the results are undeniable—teams that use his data analysis technology win more games. Thus, professional teams are now considering SPORTLOGiQ to be not only a tool, but also a valued member of the team.

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