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Rick DeLano Bio:

Rick DeLano has worked as an executive producer, and financial consultant in the music and film industries for more than 20 years. A writer and filmmaker, DeLano is best known for producing the controversial movie, THE PRINCIPLE, an endeavor that has rocked the scientific establishment by using its own discoveries to prove that the Earth is centrally located in the universe and sits in a favored position.

His newest production is the film, THE END OF QUANTUM REALITY, a work based on the discoveries of former MIT mathematics professor, Dr. Wolfgang Smith. The movie details how it is that Dr. Smith has solved the legendary “quantum enigma” – the paradox whereby Schrodinger’s cat is both alive and dead or one particle can be at two places at once, something that Albert Einstein futilely spent the last 30 years of his life trying to understand. THE END OF QUANTUM REALITY, releases to theaters on January 10, 2020.

Writer and producer of the film The End of Quantum Reality, Rick DeLano, discusses a number of fascinating topics, including the following:

  • The fundamental difference between Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics, and why it’s so important
  • What the many-worlds interpretation is and what quantum mechanics has to say about it
  • How an Aristotelian theory may have answered a critical question in quantum mechanics

When Rick DeLano set out to write the independent film The Principle, which deals with matters in cosmology, he didn’t know that it would ultimately be the key to not only a great friendship with Wolfgang Smith, but also all of the intriguing and compelling information required for what would become his second film, The End of Quantum Reality, in which the genius Wolfgang Smith—who entered Cornell University at age 14 and was teaching mathematics at MIT by age 25—examines quantum theory.

DeLano discusses what he says is perhaps the most widespread belief among humanity today, which is that the world is composed of fundamental particles—what many people call atoms. However, it might not be that simple. How so? DeLano tackles this question by exploring the inconsistencies between Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics, the clouds of probability associated with atoms which disallow us from identifying where or how fast or what direction a particle is moving at any particular time…that is, until the very moment that particle is measured, Wolfgang’s criticism of Heisenberg’s equation, and the profound and fundamental difference between the pre-measured and post-measured system of a particle.

He also explains the many-worlds interpretation (MWI), the Boltzmann constant, what Wolfgang means when he refers to the “physical universe” and in what ways it is a very different place than the world we live in, Heisenberg’s take on Aristotle’s notion of potentia and how it might help solve the problem of wave-particle duality, what he sees in the near future of particle physics, and so much more.

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