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Bharanidharan Rajakumar, CEO of TRANSFR VR (, delivers a detailed discussion on the ways we learn and how virtual learning can help to improve skill level and job performance. Rajakumar has extensive experience and success in the development of user-friendly learning systems and was the founder of an automated tutoring platform for the education startup, LearnBop.

Rajakumar’s company, TRANSFR VR, creates training simulations in virtual reality that enable employees and team members to develop the advanced skills needed to succeed on the job. The simulations are mentor-based VR training programs that provide truly personalized training to individuals that quicken learning and help with retention. From bartending to surgical skills, the spectrum is wide in terms of the innumerable career areas that could benefit from Rajakumar’s learning simulation platform. With over 75 billion dollars spent on corporate training in the US, Rajakumar sees a particular need for training to be efficient and specialized in order for businesses to get the most bang for their buck.

Manufacturing, hospitality, and nearly every industry have a need for quality training to enhance team member’s skills, and TRANSFR VR is innovating to meet the needs, industry by industry. Rajakumar discusses the growing need for math skills on the job in multiple industries and how his platform allows companies to train employees using precisely the kind of math, in the exact work situation, that is tailored to the specific company. This kind of specialized training increases learning as employees use the actual tools and perform specific tasks in the virtual environment, just as they would on the job. Tailored training far surpasses general textbook math work.

Rajakumar’s company’s core technology can assess mastery of skills as it collects infinitely more data on users’ interactions in the platform. As Rajakumar explains, on a traditional 2D screen, the data collected is more basic, such as what is being clicked on, how much time is being spent on a question, etc., but a virtual environment allows for an assessment of what the user is actually doing. With TRANSFR VR’s virtual approach, applicants and employees feel less ‘test anxiety’ and are therefore more able to focus on their learning.

As transparency is brought to both sides, stress levels are significantly reduced, which can lead to better results for employer and employee alike.

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Additionally, in regard to potential employees, they can experience the tasks of the job as they would in the real world, which expands their knowledge of what the job will be like. This advance knowledge helps to inform the candidate about the job such that they can more easily decide if it is a job they would like to pursue. And the obvious benefit to employers is that incoming employees will be more aware of the tasks required, how the job functions, etc.

, which tends to minimize turnover.

Rajakumar’s platform is in demand internationally, but as his company is still expanding his plans are focused on engaging companies domestically for now, and especially in the areas that require mathematics and culinary skills. In any industry, employees and candidates require training to become proficient. Traditional methods of learning push us to learn at the same rate, but the truth is, people, learn at their own rate, and Rajakumar’s platform allows that to happen. People can make mistakes, try again, and never feel situational stress as they learn at their own rate, on their way to achieving a mastery of the skills needed.

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